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AMT310 CO2 Temp. RH Monitor with Data Logger


AMT310 CO2 Temp. RH Monitor with Data Logger


1. AMT310 is a 3 in 1 desktop CO2 monitor measures the indoor air quality index, including the CO2, TEMP, and RH. By using Dual Beam NDIR technology, it provide accurate CO2 readings ranging from 0 to 5000 ppm. It has Human and plant modes built in with clear LED screen.

2. In human mode, it is useful in verifying indoor air quality for home, office, school,restaurant, library, station, or vehicle interior.

3. In plant mode, it is a guardian for users to control CO2 level in greenhouses or hydroponics to achieve the goal of efficient plant growth and increase yield.

4. Memory: Digital memory chart shows and records stats over an adjustable 24-hour or 7-day period; The trend chart shows variable Min/Hr/Day/Wk for readings of CO2/RH/Temperature

5. Sensor & alarm: 2-channel low drift NDIR gas sensor and audible alarm for low or high CO2 levels

6. Functionality: Features multiple hanging options with the hook-and-loop fastener along the back that attaches to an external battery pack (battery pack not included); Green power supply is compatible with a standard smartphone charger; 


1. Dual Beam NDIR (Non-Dispersive-Infrared) technology is used to improvethe long term stability

2. CO2/Temperature/RH Monitor; Tracer

3. Chart with variable time Zoom Levels

4. Build-In Plant Types Directory

5. 3-color LED (green / yellow / red) gradually changes color with CO2 concentration

6. Foolproof "Hold Home" function

7. CRR, CO2 Replenish Reminder


1. CO2 Measurement:

   1) CO2 Range: 0~5000ppm

   2) Sensor Type: Dual-Beam NDIR

   3) Accuracy at 0~3000ppm: ±50ppm or ±5% of reading, whichever is greater; Accuracy over 3000ppm ±7%

   4) Repeatability: 20ppm at 400ppm (standard dev. of 10 readings in 1 minute)

   5) Display resolution: 1ppm (0~1000); 5ppm(1000~2000); 10ppm (>2000)

   6) Temp dependence: ±0.1% of reading per °C or ±2ppm per °C, whichever is greater, referenced to 25°C   

   7) Pressure dependence: 0.13% of reading per mmHg (corrected by user's altitude input)

   8) Response time: <2 min for 63% of step change or <4.6min for 90% step change

   9) Warm-up time: <30 sec

2. Temp Measurement:

   1) Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F; 0°C-50°C; Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

   2) Display Resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)

   3) Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.5°C)

   4) Response time: <20min (63%)

3. RH Measurement:

   1) Range: 0~100%

   2) Accuracy: ±5%

   3) Resolution: 1% on main reading, 0.1% on Max Min Reading

   4) Operating & Storage RH: 0~95% non-condensing

4. Power Requirements: DC5V, 160mA peak, 15m aaverage at 5.0V, Power port: Micro USB

5. Dimensions (L x W x D): 4.7 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches; 120*91.2*27mm


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